Londonwide LMCs' GP Professional Support Network


Londonwide LMCs' GP Professional Support NetworkLondonwide LMCs' GP Professional Support Network provides a single point of online access to match GPs with the most appropriate form of professional support for them. The service is open to all GPs who work within the areas of London covered by Londonwide LMCs, providing confidential, expert and impartial one-to-one advice and support to any individual GP.

You can visit the website at this address:

GPs can encounter a range of challenges and difficulties which may require support, guidance and information, for example they work in a complex regulatory environment and sometimes need guiding through specific rules and processes.

However one of the main aims of the GP Professional Support Network is to encourage GPs to seek help early, before small issues develop into big problems. A peer to peer conversation from another GP can support and signpost them to help manage changes in their career, such as switching jobs, or changes in their personal life which may impact on their work, such as having a loved one who has developed long-term care needs.

After registering GPs can access:

  • GP support services
  • Peer to peer professional advice and support
  • Educational support and supervision
  • Professional coaching
  • Talking therapy support

The services offered are either directly provided by Londonwide LMCs’ GP Support Team or by matching GPs with a carefully selected network of other GPs and organisations, who work independently of Londonwide LMCs.

Registering with the platform and linking to any of the services is free to Londonwide LMCs’ constituent GPs, along with the GP Support Team’s services, the peer to peer support service and the first three talking therapy sessions. There are some costs for other professional services, payable to the provider, once a client GP has been linked with them. Details are clearly available on the site.

The GP Professional Support Network has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team at Londonwide LMCs led by Dr Sara Riley and Dr Richard Stacey.

You can visit the website at:

If you have any queries please contact Rizwana Ahmed at Londonwide LMCs: