Who we are and what we do for the capital's practices


Local Medical Committees (LMCs) are made up of practising GPs and practice staff elected by local GPs.  LMCs are bodies recognised in statute which are in place to represent the interests of all local GPs and their teams. Londonwide LMCs is the overarching organisation that represents 27 boroughs across the capital. We provide LMCs with support and guidance on pan-London and local issues, via our Sector, Communications, Resources and GP Support directorates.

Londonwide LMCs is the professional voice of London general practice. Providing specialist advice and guidance on a wide range of local and pan-London issues, our focus is helping practices to secure their future. In today's challenging health and social care environment it's a crucial role we undertake with passion, pride and professionalism. 


Our Team

Chief executive

Dr Michelle Drage MB BS FRCGP Dip Med Ac has been Chief Executive of Londonwide LMCs since 2002 (a post shared jointly with Dr Tony Stanton prior to his retirement in 2010).  Previously, Michelle was LMC Secretary of the Middlesex LMCs since 1993.  Before that she was a GP Principal in West London for some thirteen years.  During that time she was a GP Trainer and also Postgraduate GP Tutor.

Michelle has been an elected regional representative on the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC) since 1998 and was also a member of the negotiating team between 2004-2008.  She was previously joint chair of the GPC/Royal College of General Practitioners’ Joint Workforce Subcommittee, chair of the Statutes & Regulations Subcommittee, a member of the Primary Care Development Subcommittee and a co-opted member of the Part 1 Subcommittee (PMS).

She played a key role in securing additional resources for GPs through introduction of London Initiative Zone (LIZ) Educational Initiatives and Workforce flexibilities and was joint initiator of London Education and Service  Partnership initiative.

Michelle is the sole CEO of Londonwide LMCs and our subsidiary Londonwide Enterprise Limited.

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Deputy Chief Executive

Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell MA(Cantab) BM BCh (Oxon) MRCGP DRCOG DFFP Cert Med Ed has worked as a GP in Essex for the past 13 years. Lisa is also a trustee, and volunteer GP, for Doctors of the World UK.

Lisa undertook her pre-clinical studies and intercalated degree, ’Disease, Society and Sexuality’ at Cambridge University, and graduated with her primary medical qualification from Oxford University.

Lisa has considerable clinical leadership experience at both strategic and operational levels. She has clinical commissioning experience, having held the posts of Clinical Commissioning Group Chairman and Senior Clinical Lead. She was also a Primary Care Trust GP Director of Commissioning and has worked as a national clinical lead contracted by NHS England.

Lisa has extensive experience of LMCs having represented sessional doctors on her local LMC since 2010, and held the posts of Board Director and Medical Director at Essex LMCs.

  Lisa Harrod-Rothwell


Medical directors and LMC secretaries

Our medical directors work closely with our Directors of Primary Care Strategy to provide leadership and support to Local Medical Committees in their sectors.  All our Medical Directors are experienced GPs with a wealth of experience of both General Practice and the broader medical political field. Medical Directors are an essential part of our sector team, they are in the unique position of having both extensive experience of General Practice as a GP and are actively building relationships with Local Health Authorities. 


Dr Elliott Singer is a GP partner in East London and Medical Director for Londonwide LMCs, he qualified from the Royal London Hospital in 1997. Elliott is a GPwSI in minor surgery, a GP trainer and was previously a Programme Director for Whipps Cross VTS. Elliott’s LMC role includes working with LMCs in North East London, assisting individual GPs and practices, as part of the GP support team and is the Londonwide LMC lead on technology and digital. Elliott is a keen advocate on incorporating new technology into general practice to improve patient services and help practices better manage demand.



Dr Asiya Yunus MBBS, BSc (Hons), MRCGP, DFSRH, PGCert Health Management & Leadership completed her medical degree at Imperial College, and trained as a GP in Bloomsbury. Asiya has a long-standing interest in health management and leadership, completing a Leadership (Darzi) Fellowship at the Kings Fund in 2011.

Asiya is a Clinical Quality Director in the Transforming Primary Care Team at Healthy London Partnership and a central London GP. She has developed a series of recommendations on how to bring joy and meaning to working general practice as part of a project at Londonwide LMCs. Asiya has a keen interest in the wellbeing of staff and "joy in practice", a concept that is missing in a GP’s experience of primary care that can mitigate burnout and lead to happier staff and happier patients.

Asiya has worked with clinicians, patients and academics to show the value of quality improvement; empowering teams to use measurement to drive improvement across a healthcare system that has resulted in improved outcomes for patients. At UCLPartners, she led the deteriorating patient collaborative, across 15 acute trusts with a focus on: “doing our day job whilst continually improving it”.

Asiya is multi-lingual, and can speak five languages including Russian.


Asiya Yunus


Dr Vicky Weeks is one of two medical directors for North Central London and has been with Londonwide LMCs since 2013. She is a sessional GP in Hounslow and has been on Ealing, Hammersmith and Houslow LMC since 2002. Vicky sits on the GPC Sessional GP Subcommittee and was its chair from 2002 to 2016. Vicky was one of the national leads on appraisal and revalidation, along with the induction and refresher scheme and the retainer scheme, as part of the 10-point workforce plan. Vicky’s other interests include salaried GP contracts and representing salaried and sessional GPs. 


Dr Hannah Theodorou MBBS BSc. MRCGP DTMH is a salaried GP in North East London and is the lead Medical Director for North West London, looking after EHH and KCW LMCs.

She qualified from Imperial medical school in 2011 and as a GP in 2016. She has a focus on supporting the sessional workforce and GP trainees for Londonwide LMCs, after first getting involved in her LMC as a trainee.

Hannah has a particular interest in supporting disadvantaged populations, mental health and preventive medicine. She is also the clinical lead Trustee for Doctors of the World UK after volunteering in their clinic as a GP since 2016.

Hannah is currently on maternity leave.


Dr Sara Riley


Details to follow.



GP and practice support medical directors

Our GP and Practice Support team is supported by dedicated medical directors as well as drawing on the expertise of some our medical directors who are also LMC secretaries.


Dr Richard Stacey joined the GP Support Team at Londonwide LMCs in September 2019.

Richard was a GP Partner (and GP Trainer from 2000-2003) in North Leeds during the period 1995-2003.

In November 2003, Richard took up the full-time role of a Medicolegal Consultant at the Medical Protection Society (MPS), where he worked until August 2019 gaining a vast array of experience including:

  • Assisting thousands of doctors with a variety of issues ranging from the provision of medical advice, assistance with complaints, claims, inquests, together with disciplinary, GMC and criminal investigations.
  • Developing a specialist area of interest and expertise in relation to criminal allegations arising in the clinical setting.
  • Publishing articles about assorted medicolegal issues in the trade and National press.
  • Appearing on live and pre-recorded radio and television broadcasts in relation to assorted medicolegal matters and case-related issues.
  • Presenting to audiences across the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa about assorted medicolegal issues.

In addition to the above matters, Richard was the Editor-in-Chief of the MPS GP publications Your Practice and Practice Matters and concluded his time at MPS as Head of Policy and Technical. 


Dr Kirsa Morganti

Details to follow.





Board of Directors

Dr Sid Datta (Chair)

Dr Michal Grenville

Dr Anouska Hari

Dr Marek Jarzembowski

Dr Adam Jenkins

Dr Simon Parton

Dr Vinay Patel

Dr Naureen Bhatti (co-opted)

Dr Veno (Venothan) Suri (co-opted)


Associate Medical Director 

Dr Shabnam Quraishi


Directors of Primary Care Strategy 

Greg Cairns

Cathy Winfield


Director of Resources

Paul Tomlinson


Director of GP Support Services 

Vicky Ferlia


Director of Communications and Marketing

Sam Dowling


Director of Primary Care Nursing and WTI

Kathryn Yates