Coronavirus (Covid-19) official resources and guidance


Government agencies and representative bodies are providing advice on coronavirus via some regularly updated webpages. We suggest you bookmark these pages and check them frequently. All links are best viewed in Chrome.

We have withdrawn and archived our Living Guide and Vaccine Guide documents, including the accompanying microsite. We feel our resources are now better directed to supporting London general practice in other ways, due to the rolling back of a number of Covid provisions and the fact that the remaining measures are now familiar to those working in practices. Our monthly newsletter continues to provide updates on new guidance relating to developing areas such as the Covid-19 Vaccination ES and PCN DES.

Covid-19 vaccination programme

Londonwide LMCs' resources

National and London guidance

We will continue to send out updated resources to London practices via email alerts as and when we receive them, but the above pages should be your practice’s first point of reference if you are unsure of what the latest guidance says.

Coronavirus background

Londonwide LMCs' messages

  • Mword 86 - Mad Hatters and other stories...
  • Mword 85 - Terminus
  • Mword 84 - SMS abuse: enough is enough
  • Mword 83 - contract regulations, practise safely, LMC elections
  • Mword 82 - Budget Statement, Government White Paper on health reform, and Provider Selection Consultation, new SOP and QCovid, vaccine update, connecting sessional GPs, burnout and support, GPC elections and voting, and finally … change (added 3.3.2021).
  • Mword 81 - Vaccine hesitancy: addressing concerns and local delivery matters, new contract letter and London weighting, connecting sessional GPs, burnout and support (added 2.2.2021).
  • Mword 80 - Prioritsiation and essential services, connecting sessional GPs, vaccine roll-out, PCN DES vote, meeting with Keir Starmer MP (added 11.1.2021).
  • Mword 79 - Latest Covid-19 Vaccination Programme (CVP) updates, new ICS legislation, thank you (added 22.12.2020).
  • Mword 78 - New variant of Covid-19 and London in Tier 3 (added 14.12.2020).
  • Mword 77 - Guidance for practices on the Covid Vaccination Programme 2020/21 Service Spec (added 3.12.2020)
  • Mword 76 - Covid-19 vaccination ES (added 4.12.2020).
  • Mword 75 - Covid-19 vaccination ES, access to the "General Practice Covid Capacity Expansion Fund", new ICS legislation, Covid-19 plasma donation (added 3.12.2020).
  • Mword 74 - Covid-19 vaccination delivery sites (added 26.11.20).
  • MWord 73 - Covid-19 vaccination DES temperature check (added 18.11.20).
  • MWord 72 - Covid-19 vaccination DES, now to be an NHS ES (added 13.11.20).
  • MWord 71 - Covid-19 vaccination DES (added 11.11.2020).
  • MWord 70 - Aggressive patients, remote consultations, face to face, GPC concerns, working with other organisations (added 30.10.2020).
  • MWord 69 - Truth to power including interface issues, Covid safety and IPC, inappropriate expectations and ARRS, cancer and flu (added 30.10.2020).
  • MWord 68 - Face to face, NHSE/I, London Recovery Board, cancer, digital first and flu (added 17.09.20).
  • MWord 67 - Referrals, transfer of work, partnership incentives and research activity (added 9.7.2020).
  • MWord 66 - Workload dumping, research project and call for coronavirus costs reimbursement (added 2.7.2020).
  • MWord 65 - TLF face coverings template exemption, CQC and Living Guide v.12 (added 26.6.2020).
  • MWord 64 - Living Guide v.11, cervical screening, BAME health disparities and CQC (added 12.6.2020).
  • MWord 63 - BAME health disparities, shielding, PCN DES and homeless health (added 4.6.2020).
  • MWord 62 - PCN DES decision-making update and Living Guide version 9 (added 28.5.2020).
  • MWord 61 - PCN DES decision-making tool, death in service pension benefits, Spring Bank Holiday (added 15.5.2020).
  • MWord 60 - International Nurses Day, Living Guide update (added 7.5.2020).
  • MWord 59 - May Day opening, care home service specs, reasons to be cheerful, Living Guide update (added 1.5.2020).
  • MWord 58 - The role of the GP and practice team, supplies and consumables, Ramadan (added 24.4.2020).
  • MWord 57 - Wider context of Covid-19 and its implications for the future of general practice (added 22.4.2020).
  • MWord 56 - Death verification, shielding and caring for your practice team (added 17.4.2020).
  • MWord 55 - Thank you, Living Guide iterative updates and maintaining our values (added 15.4.2020).
  • MWord 54 - Living Guide update and Bank Holiday opening funding (added 9.4.2020).
  • MWord 53 - Bank Holiday opening and patients with non-Covid-19 conditions (added 7.4.2020).
  • MWord 52 - Londonwide Living Guide, Bank Holiday opening, smear taking and the Roth score (added 2.4.2020).
  • MWord 51 - Practising safely and death certification (added 30.3.2020).
  • MWord 50 - Londonwide principles for face-to-face appointments (added 25.4.2020).
  • MWord 49 - Bureaucracy suspended and workload prioritisation (added 2.4.2020).
  • MWord 48 - Remote assessment best practice (added 23.3.2020).
  • MWord 47 - Closed doors practising and Covid-19 flow charts (added 19.3.2020).
  • MWord 46 - Fit note/MED-3 template and wider guidance (added 19.3.2020).
  • CEO Announcement - Londonwide LMCs move to Covid-19 focus (added 16.3.2020).
  • MWord 45 - Call to ease bureaucracy (12.3.2020).
  • MWord 44 - Covid-19 management by NHS 111 (14.2.2020).

Note: due to the rapidly developing situation the information in these updates will go out of date, always check the two guidance sections above for the latest information.

CQC guidance on registering for flu and Covid-19 vaccination programmes - 16 November 2021

CQC guidance on registration: Flu and Covid-19 vaccination arrangements was updated on 3 September 2021. The guidance states that providers may deliver flu, and potential coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccinations, in a different way to their usual winter vaccination delivery model. There is an expectation that providers will structure their vaccination service...

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Non-Clinical FAQs for Covid-19 - 19 January 2021

This is a list of questions that are frequently asked by GPs and practice staff, with responses where possible to the non-clinical queries and issues you face in the current emergency. It will be updated regularly, for clinical issues please see our clinical guide, which is at the top of our

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Professional clinical resources for Covid-19 - 19 January 2021

Below are collected resources relating to Covid-19 from various professional bodies. This list is not exhaustive, and you should check the date on any guidance as part of deciding whether it is useful to inform your decision making. Association of British Neurologists Guidance on Covid-19 for people...

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Covid-19 guidance by local borough - 19 January 2021

Below are links to the homepages of London CCGs, the Covid-19 pages of their corresponding local authorities and London based inter faith member bodies Covid-19 advice. We believe the guidance on these pages is actively updated, but you should always check the accompanying publication date when assessing whether guidance is...

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General practice nurse resources for managing Covid-19 - 04 December 2020

This page contains resources to assist general practice nurses during the current Covid-19 pandemic. It will be updated regularly, so please check back frequently. Guide to support nurses in general practice care for patients during the Covid-19 era including long-term condition management resources for...

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Coronavirus sources for patients: charities and other organisations - 16 September 2020

We have collated guidance and resources from charities and other organisations which provide information for the public and for professionals about coronavirus. This list is not exhaustive, organisations not listed here may also have produced advice. Where possible we have provided a publication date, but we cannot guarantee...

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Long-term condition management resources for practice nurse teams - 30 April 2020

Practices may find the Covid-19 resources from GP notebook useful, various other organisations have produced resources to assist with the management of long-term conditions during the pandemic.   Asthma To have at home: Peak Flow Meter (FP10) Inhalers and spacer Access: Asthma Control test ...

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Useful information on covid-19 provided by clinical and community experts - 06 April 2020

Staff at University College London Hospital have compiled a list of useful information provided by clinical experts, the list was last updated on 23 March 2020. Download the document here. Note: we are passing on this list because it may be useful, we have not checked all the resources listed...

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